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Illumive's Mission

Our Mission was simple: Providing innovative lighting products to customers around the world. We started by making Luxurious Vanity Mirrors affordable for everybody. Vanity Mirrors have always been expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands  of dollars means not every Make Up addict can afford her or his own vanity mirror. We wanted to disrupt this market with a new, innovative approach. After extensive research we found a way to produce a high quality, but affordable Vanity Mirror Set that is compatible with ANY mirror! Most people already have a perfect mirror at home, waiting to be upgraded with beautiful Illumive Light Bulbs to become a true vanity mirror.  By using a 'DIY' (Do It Yourself) approach, we could greatly reduce the cost for our Vanity Kit, without compromising on the quality of the light bulbs.  

After the success of our first product, we started to focus on finding new and innovative lighting solutions for every scenario. Our current line of products has something for everybody! From our classic hollywood vanity lights, to high performance LED strips and Solar lights. Illumive keeps being committed to provide amazing products and outstanding customer support.